The Beginning

Our founding team provides authentic perspectives on the origins of RI and describe their own personal journeys in the pursuit of reputation.

Meeting of Two Great Minds

Dr. Charles Fombrun and Dr. Cees van Riel meet. They spark a mutual passion related to the core purpose of corporate communications as a way to build and protect reputation.

The Seminal Book is Published

Dr. Charles Fombrun publishes Reputation where he presents the idea that reputation is an undervalued and undermanaged economic asset.

Building a Reputation Community

Through his work at NYU’s Stern School of Business, a corporate reputation community is formed.

First Global Reputation Conference

Charles and Cees collaborate to initiate the first-ever global conference on Corporate Reputation Management.

Corporate Reputation Review

Corporate Reputation Review, the inaugural academic journal dedicated to Corporate Reputation.

Launch of RI

Reputation Institute is launched.

Reputation Consulting

Shell becomes RI’s first consulting project. PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Manning, Selvage and Lee (now MSLGROUP), GE, and others followed suit. These companies wanted to understand the differences between perceptions and reality – and what the General Public thought of them.

Landmark Study

RI’s first Study of the Reputations of America’s Most Visible Companies is published in The Wall Street Journal.

Expanding the Team

Entrepreneurs Nicolas Trad and Kasper Ulf Nielsen join Charles and Cees to expand RI’s activities globally. RI shifts from its academic origin to a tech-forward business enterprise.

Fame and Fortune

Charles and Cees together publish Fame and Fortune: How Successful Companies Build Winning Reputations.


RI introduces The RepTrak System, as the world’s largest normative database to benchmark the reputation of companies.

Rapid Global Growth

RI begins its first hiring wave across the globe with team members onboarded in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Headquarter office opens in NYC.

Investment Infusion

RI receives significant growth equity from Catalyst Investors.

New Corporate Headquarters

RI headquarters relocates the Global HQ to Boston, MA to access greater intellectual capital and tech innovation expertise.

Raising Our Business Profile

Familiarity of RI reaches new heights due to consistent high-profile media coverage.

Kylie Wright-Ford

RI appoints new CEO, Kylie Wright-Ford.


CEO RepTrak®

The inaugural CEO RepTrak study is launched, featuring the Top 10 CEOs with the best reputation worldwide.


Investment in AI and Machine Learning

RI acquires Mettle Consulting, Ltd. and combines its Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence to create Media RepTrak.



RepTrak Analyzer

RI soft launches RepTrak Analyzer providing RI clients with real-time reputation insights.


Preparing for New Horizons

Employee growth increases by 60% as RI continues its global expansion and opens offices in new market locations around the world, including new headquarters in Back Bay.


RI Worldwide