Access the gold standard of reputation measurement

Continuous RepTrak® takes corporations to the next level of revenue generation by delivering fully-comprehensive data-driven insights.

Completely customize your reputation journey. Gain consistent and clear guidance by accessing on-demand thought-leadership and reputation expertise.

The Value of Continuous RepTrak®

The Continuous RepTrak® Advantage

  • Select 3 Company Benchmarks (1200 ratings by each)
  • Add 5 Custom Questions
  • 23 Deep Dive Attribute Analyses
  • Country, Industry, and Company Level Driver analysis – lets you know which business drivers people in your country, industry, and company care about most
  • 4 In-person Delivery Workshops with our reputation experts + on-demand advice + media outreach
  • Reputation Leader’s Network membership

Customize your delivery:

We are your partners in reputation. We customize our workshops to suit your company’s unique challenges. These reputation expert-led events may be personalized for you and your team:

  • The Business Case for Reputation and ROI Communications
  • Creating a Strategic Communications Plan
  • Set YoY KPIs and Communication Strategy Validation
  • Understand Stakeholder Impact on Reputation
  • Export Your Reputation to Win in Strategic Markets
  • Protect Your Reputation from Risk
  • Integrate Reputation into Your Business Blueprint
  • The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Reputation Revenue
  • Your Brand as Reputation Accelerator