Measure Your Stakeholder

Measure Your Stakeholder Perceptions Using RepTrak®

With RepTrak®, you can measure and track your stakeholders with confidence.

® is the deepest normative database in the world with more than 10 years of data, measurements in 40+ countries across 15+ stakeholder groups that are  based on hundreds of thousands of ratings annually.


Measure & Benchmark Your Stakeholders with Confidence Using RepTrak®
RepTrak®  connects the emotional bond stakeholders have with your company 
with rational behaviors.

RepTrak® Pulse measures
the overall reputation of your company.


Reputation Dimensions Analysis
Track and monitor perceptions about your company's ability to deliver on 7  key dimensions and 23 attributes of reputation.

StakeholderTouchpoint Analysis
Understand what drives stakeholder perceptions through media, social media, news sources, email and word-of-mouth.

Messaging Effectiveness
Review stakeholder perceptions of your clarity, tone, authenticity, credibility, relevancy and consistency.

Corporate Social Responsibility Alignment
Understand how your company's activation of corporate purpose through CSR initiatives aligns with reputation.
Supportive Behaviors  Analysis
Understand what your reputation means for gaining trust and supportive behaviors from stakeholders.

Brand Alignment
See how your brand expressiveness and brand personality is perceived and tie that to Corporate Reputation.

Reputation Risk Exposure
Map your reputation risk exposure by testing 'benefit of the doubt' sentiments about your company against risk drivers.

Industry-specific Drivers and Metrics
Measure your company against additional attributes of reputation that are unique to your industry.

Custom Measurement

Build your custom stakeholder measurement & benchmarking program 

Measure and track general public and multi-stakeholder perceptions about your company with the frequency and breadth you choose. Use this knowledge to better manage your company's reputation by understanding its effects on stakeholder behaviors. 

Join other leading companies in one of our syndicated Stakeholder Tracker programs

Join the power of national tracking and benchmark your company against the best in the country. Leverage the strength of the database as you select your comparative companies to measure yourself against with the gold standard of reputation measurement, RepTrak®.

  • Build your reputation
  • Protect your reputation
  • Create the business case for reputation investments

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