At Reputation Institute, we make the intangible tangible through reputation. We quantify stakeholder perception about your company and deliver actionable insights that drive revenue. 

Founded in 1997, RI is the gold standard in reputation measurement and management, providing a specialized measurement of how the stakeholders — the general public, investors, employees —  perceive major brands. 

We measure more than 7,000 companies per year, across 55 countries, and 20 industries.


We help organizations answer: 

1. What is my reputation and how does it compare?

2. How can I improve and protect my reputation?

3. What is the ROI of reputation improvement?


How We Define Reputation

pulseWe define reputation as an emotional bond that ensures:

  • People buy your products and services
  • People recommend your company
  • People want to work for your company
  • Investors support your company
  • Policy-makers and regulators provide a license-to-operate
  • Employees deliver on your strategy

This emotional bond is what we call a company’s Reputation Pulse. It quantifies Esteem, Admiration, Feeling, and Trust.


How We Measure Reputation

We quantify perceptions about your company’s ability to deliver and provide insights for improvement.

To do this, we study 7 unique dimensions of reputation and their impact on the way people perceive your company. These perceptions evoke feelings and these feelings lead to specific actions.

By measuring the 7 dimensions, we can determine what areas of your business are working and what needs improvement. We can predict the actions your stakeholders will take, and what will push the needle on revenue to grow your business. 




The 7 dimensions of reputation are:  


How is your company leading the way? Company's with CEOs and senior executives who take a stand on critical, often controversial, issues tend to outperform those company's that remain silent.


Numbers matter. Performance and profitability are key indicators 

of reputation success.


Consistent delivery of quality products and services determine a company’s value.


Is your company static or dynamic? Innovative companies that creatively push the status quo are more highly regarded.


Corporate culture directly impacts recruitment, retainment, and the quality, ability and willingness of our greatest asset  human resources    to deliver on strategy.  


Only with stakeholder support from those providing your company a license-to-operate and benefit-of-the-doubt will result in continued growth.


How does your company add value above and beyond delivering products and services? Corporate social responsibility, charitable giving, volunteer efforts, and philanthropic campaigns help to make the world a little better.

The 7 dimensions of reputation impact the way people perceive companies. These perceptions evoke emotion and these emotions lead to behaviors. 

Want to learn more? Check out our white paper: Stakeholder Tracking and Analysis - the RepTrak® System for Measuring Corporate Reputation.